What is Fasetto?

Fasetto is a Wisconsin-based startup dedicated to closing connectivity gaps through its powerful hardware and software solutions. Fasetto fuses the mobile computing landscape together to give users easy access to their content, empowering them to view and share with others regardless of platform, device or connection type.

Founded in 2013, Fasetto's main mission is to make life simpler through seamless technology. In 2017, LINK by Fasetto, the living storage and communications device powered by the most powerful Samsung technologies, will become available to consumers. LINK combines the capabilities of an LTE hotspot with the large storage of a NAS in a pocket-sized, weatherproof device.

Wireless Handset Accessories


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Coy Christmas

Co-founder and CEO of Fasetto, Coy is a successful serial entrepreneur. Before co-founding Fasetto, Coy invented, developed, manufactured and distributed computer gaming equipment that won shelf space at Wal-Mart, Best Buy and GameStop. Prior to becoming an entreprenueur, Coy sold business solutions, earning numerous performance awards.

Luke Malpass

Co-Founder, CTO and Software Architect of Fasetto, Luke is a prolific software developer. Luke has developed complete systems from the ground up from gaming to 3D design automation, accounting to social apps. He has authored numerous software developement books and training videos and holds numerous joint patents on programming systems and methods.