Capture video from multiple cameras.

Aquarius lets you tap into the camera feeds of multiple devices nearby, in real-time, so you can see, record and share multi-view videos—all from your own phone.

Today's sharing
technologies are limited.

To share videos with friends at an event, we’re stuck sending only one video at a time via text or email or logging into a social-media stream.

Every angle. Any time.

Aquarius breaks sharing limitations and automatically discovers and connects to nearby devices (with your permission). Now you can film any event or object from multiple angles simultaneously.

Sync & share.

Aquarius auto-syncs all video captures into one file, where you can choose to share it on social media or watch it on your own.

See Aquarius in Action.

Aquarius provides multiple views
from other cameras.

Aquarius provides multiple views from other cameras.

Click the thumbnails to change angles.

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The Age of Aquarius.

The patented Aquarius engine is just a taste of things to come when devices start running on the patented Gravity MDE—the architecture that removes the limitations of existing protocols.

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