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Forum is for presenting wherever business takes you. Present in-person directly to anyone's phone, tablet or laptop—the devices your audiences already have—to share presentations and receive participant input anywhere without the internet, dongles or cables. You can turn any space into a meeting room, whether it's an open office, huddle space, cafeteria, outdoor patio—anywhere.

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Forum turns your laptop into a connected, meeting hub. Forum software can be used anywhere. It turns your laptop into a multi-person presentation tool that connects to any Wi-Fi-enabled device. An optional router can expand the range and audience members.

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Every seat becomes a front row. There isn't a bad seat in the house when every device displays your presentation. Every phone, tablet or laptop becomes an additional engagement tool for more productive meetings with Forum. No more struggling to see someone else's screen.

Make your own network. No internet required. Forum works on any network—with or without the internet. Whether it’s a personal network (Wi-Fi), an enterprise network (LAN) or a portable network (travel router), Forum allows you to present whenever and wherever.

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All devices welcome. Any Wi-Fi-enabled device that walks into your next meeting can connect to Forum. By using the most common technologies (Wi-Fi & browser), Forum connects to audiences on the devices they already have.

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Turn any space into a meeting room. Work in an open floor plan or running out of meeting space in a crowded office? Forum helps turn any space into a meeting room by easily connecting devices for an impromptu presentation.

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Connect beyond the office. Forum works great anywhere people gather to meet and share ideas. Common use-cases that happen every day—in every corner of the world—need a tool like Forum, such as:


  • Internal company meetings
  • Sales calls in the field
  • Training sessions
  • Confidential meetings
  • Classrooms
  • Press/media events
  • Town halls and rallies
  • Sports-teams in transit
  • Public tours
  • Manufacturing floors
  • Healthcare-related meetings
  • Tradeshows

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Engage every audience. Powerful engagement features allow you to interact with audiences in new ways and take advantage of opportunities when they happen. These features can even help with lead generation and analytics.

  • The Q&A view of Forum
  • The file download view of Forum
  • The poll view of Forum
  • The contact view of Forum


Discreet Q&A Presenters can discreetly field questions from connected audience members, see who asked what and sort the most popular questions to the top.

Download Files Files of any type (including the presentation) can be made available for download at any time during a presentation.

Conduct Polls Poll audiences and aggregate the answers over multiple meetings. Discover audience trends and gain insights.

Screen Sharing Forum can easily share your screen directly to audience devices to show videos, apps or demonstrations in real-time with no additional downloads required.

Contact Exchange Audience members can securely exchange contact information with you for follow up after the meeting.

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Meeting analytics. Access results of your audience polls and questions to improve your presentation, product, or brand. Track this data over time and discover trends that can inform your business moving forward—and become a smarter presenter that’s more in-tune with their audience.

Three devices displaying different views of a presentation

Multi-Screen Experience

Own the room. Forum is a multi-device, presentation experience and can split the presenter’s view across 1, 2, or 3 screens. Manage questions directly from the audience on one screen while having your notes visible on another. You can even use your phone as a wireless remote to navigate slides.

  • Presentation view of a Forum presentation
  • Slides view of a Forum presentation
  • Notes view of a Forum presentation

Presentation View Show the presentation on your screen or any number of connected screens.

Slides View See the current slide, upcoming slides and associated notes.

Notes View Makes the presenter’s notes easy-to-read at a glance.

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Multiple sized dongles

Why Forum?

Problems when presenting. Every presenter knows that panicked feeling when valuable meeting time is being wasted because of all the technical issues that can (and usually do) go wrong while setting up for a meeting. How many times have you fumbled over the projector or can’t locate the right dongle? Or how about Mac vs PC issues? The frustrations are many and complex, but Forum eliminates them all.

Top Problems

Finding the right adapters or cords to connect meeting displays

Trying to access secure corporate networks

Online presentation/meeting tools not available

Huddling around small laptop screens to see a presentation

Downloading software for audiences so they can participate

Struggling to keep your meeting participants engaged

The Solution.

Be ready for business anywhere. Workforces are spending less time in traditional offices and becoming more flexible about where they work and meet. Technology that connects us directly—with or without the internet—allows us to take advantage of more business opportunities when and where they happen.

Maybe you're thinking...

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"... we already use Zoom, Skype, or GoToMeeting."

Forum isn't a video conferencing solution that connects people across the country. It's for making meetings easier when presenting in person—anywhere you want.

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"... but we already use Powerpoint."

Forum isn't used for crafting presentations, but for broadcasting them to in-person audiences. You can still create with PowerPoint, Keynote or any other presentation-building software and use Forum.

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Forum is ready to transform how people meet and share ideas and engage audiences in all new ways during presentations.

Transform your meetings today. Try Forum for free.

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