Sharing videos is awkward.
Gemini changes that.

Making your friends huddle around a tiny phone at a party or sharing a YouTube link that lags as everyone watches out of sync isn’t cool. Now, there’s an easier way to share the videos you love.

Share your favorite videos.

Whether it’s a video from Google, YouTube or your camera roll, just select the file you want to share with others within proximity and everyone watches in-sync from their own device.

You control the show.

Once connected through Gemini, the host device controls what’s shown on all other devices. Play, pause, or stop from one phone and everyone experiences the same.

Sending has never been easier.

Gemini is a native sharing option just like email or text. But you won’t have to send links to your friends one at a time or create a group chat to share a video.

No internet required.

Gemini shares videos quickly with no internet connection required. Gone are the days of lag-time and limitations when accessing the internet to share a video.

See Gemini in Action