A Unifying Force

GravityOS is an incredibly open and powerful software platform made for creating experiences that seamlessly work in a connected world.

Unifying Force. GravityOS is designed to be simple, flexible and work across many screens, devices and operating systems. GravityOS can run on a PC, a Mac, a Linux desktop, a PlayStation or even a server farm.

Flexible & Modular. GravityOS is experienced through a browser, so it responds to any-sized screen. This provides an amazing amount of flexibility for companies and developers looking to innovate with connected services or devices.

Built to be built upon. The entire software stack for GravityOS is modular, so every major layer of the OS can be managed, developed and swapped out independently. This helps foster rapid scale without the growing pains of traditional development.

IQ for the IoT. Seamlessly integrating and enhancing connected devices is why GravityOS is here. The flexible GravityOS can help a wide variety of current and future IoT products.

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