Unify Your Devices

Gravity is a P2P edge mesh network designed for MDE that creates seamless sharing, streaming, and collaboration between devices locally—all without the internet or the cloud.

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Enabling The Edge

Gravity allows devices to take on more of the processing and computing locally, which eases the heavy data traffic to and from The Cloud. This creates a world where devices can share, transfer and collaborate like never before, with less lag time—and without the internet.

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Powerful Software Engines

Gravity's capabilities are showcased through (but not limited to) its software engines—Zodiac, Aquarius, and Gemini.

They enhance how we exchange files, create videos, stream content, and so much more.

Gravity Applications

Amazing Applications

Gravity makes it easy to create new and innovative applications. Gravity Drive allows you to transfer files and content back and forth between Android and Windows devices anywhere, at any time, at blazing fast speeds without any internet required.

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About Fasetto

Fasetto is a software company based in Scottsdale, Arizona—comprised of a dedicated group of individuals obsessed with establishing a new standard of device communication and collaboration.

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