Fasetto lets you share any file type between any device or platform instantly… wherever you are.

How it works

Fasetto is all about the many sides to sharing, without the restrictions.

Sharing & storage

Centralizing all your files, photos, music, and videos, meaning you can access them from all of your devices, anytime you need them.

Just save any file into your Fasetto folder from any of your devices and they’ll be with you wherever you are in the world.

All our users have 5GBs of storage per account completely free… and that’s not all: for 90 days, we’re offering you the chance to boost that space permanently by sharing through Fasetto. Have a look at our pricing to find out more.

Sharing via QR code

Your personalized mailbox for instant sharing, whether you’re online or offline.

Fasetto simplifies the process of sharing virtual information to one easy step. Get your recipient to give their device a shake for their personal mailbox to appear. Scan it with your device to send and the transfer is done.

Here’s the kicker, Fasetto also allows you to send information in seconds – perfect for sharing those spur-of-the-moment videos or pictures to your friends and family.

Sharing while offline

Share anything to anyone without an internet connection or data plan.

With Fasetto, you can send any file of any size to any other Fasetto user, completely offline. That’s without using any of your data plan, your internet, or a WiFi connection.

We often want to quickly share a file with a friend or colleague, but are restricted by internet speeds or an inconsistent device signal. Instead of wasting data uploading to an alternative location and your recipient downloading it again, Fasetto allows secure sharing to happen directly from device to device without using an internet or data connection.


Privately send or receive any file instantly without using your data plan – this is texting but not as you know it.

Messaging with Fasetto allows gigabyte-sized files to be sent in seconds, without using gigabytes of data to upload and download.

So whether you’re sharing a video to your best friend or a presentation to your team, you can send securely from any smartphone to any smartphone, no matter the platform.


For your mobile and tablet:

For your desktop:

  • Mac
  • Windows

We encrypt, log and protect all information and data you store through Fasetto with the highest security available today. Best of all, Fasetto is completely track and log free, so you can always communicate in total privacy.

Android iOS/OSX Windows Fasetto
Share across platformsNoNoNoYes
Share without a WiFi connectionNoNoNoYes
Send files without using a data plan or WiFiNoNoNoYes
Send texts without data usage or WiFiNoNoNoYes
Typical time to send a 1GB file6 min6 min6 min10 sec
Data used to send 1GB file1GB1GB1GB10KB

Fasetto uses the industry’s leading 2048-bit SSL certificates to safeguard all of your personal information. Every upload or share you make is protected using end-to-end packet encryption, meaning all of your storage and files have a unique key set that only you have access to.

Encryptions are not stored on your devices, or on the Fasetto platform, and we combine them with password protection on all of your files. For sensitive data, Fasetto can optionally generate an alphanumeric password that is texted to the receiver when you’re sharing.

With Fasetto, you can choose anywhere in the world to keep and access your information, to protect you from any country-specific privacy breaches. So, if you’re in Europe, your data can be stored overseas on USA servers (or visa versa). If you want to stay on home soil, your data can also remain there too, completely securely.

This means your files are kept totally safe from any attempts by hackers with sophisticated processing capabilities, malware or eavesdroppers.


We’re in our pre-launch phase, which means everything is free! Plus we’re offering you ways to double your storage space – permanently!

Sign up today and once logged in, there are heaps of ways to earn yourself even more space through the social things you do every day.

Free Signup

  • Linking your Facebook account earns you 1GB
  • Sharing 25 photos earns you 1GB
  • Backing up your mobile earns you 1GB


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